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Blue Stream World Media is a rapidly expanding media business with a portfolio of mature and early stage brands; both in print and online.

Electronics Production and Manufacturing

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Component Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor and display manufacturing

  • Photovoltaic manufacturing

  • Micronano production

  • Hybrid component manufacturing

  • Organic electronics

  • Battery and energy storage manufacturing

PCB and other circuit-carrier manufacturing
  • Base materials

  • Tools and accessories for PCB processing

  • Clean room technology

Cable Manufacturing
  • Technologies in cable processing

  • Coilware manufacturing

Module production/assembly
  • Production subsystems

  • Component mount technology

  • Soldering technology

  • Materials processing

  • Product finishing

Test and measurement, quality and assurance
  • Inspection and image processing

  • Test and measurement systems

  • Laboratory/test station equipment

Production equipment
  • Electronic manufacturing services ( EMS )

  • Production logistics and material flow technology

  • Operating materials and equipment

  • Environmental technology

Semiconductor News & Technology

  • Assembly and Packaging

  • Clean Rooms

  • Component Fabrication

  • Electronics and Embedded

  • Equipment Design Tools

  • Fire Protection and Safety Systems

  • Liquid and Gas Delivery

  • Mechanical Systems

  • Metrology

  • Inspection and Monitoring

  • Optical Technology

  • Process Automation and Software

  • Sensors and Controllers

  • Test and Measurement

  • Thermal Solutions

  • Vacuum Chambers

  • Wafer Fabrication materials and Substrates

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Bluestream World Media are leaders in our field.
We are a global business with our Head Office office in London
Bluestream World Media has a strong portfolio of leading brands in print and is a developer of events and online media. 
Bluestream World Media have a portfolio of brands at various stages of development. We are highly innovative and have a strong track record of developing inspirational, market leading products.


We hire people for varied roles in sales, marketing, editorial and production to work on our specialist events, research, magazines and websites.


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